Gastradamus is my name and gassy topics is my

game. I was watching the late night  news on ABC, you know the one with the black host and the beautiful ten out of ten Indian women, anyway one of there hot topics had to do with some black women who had to have a sea section. Now I must say right of the bat that this chick was slick, this broad had something on her head called a weave and from my understanding that is a hair extension. This weave on her head had a tiny camera on it, so during the surgery you began to hear the doctors socializing with one another. One of the doctors referred  to one of the babies as Precious, which was a over rated film about a fat black chick in the ghetto who loved  fried chicken, anyway this was all caught on camera. They also spoke about this women giving the hospital a hard time for the week or two wait she had for the procedure. Some would say they’re  smug, but these amazing doctors delivered a healthy go happy lucky baby and I think that counts for something. After the surgery took place this lady watched the undercover footage and decided she wanted to file a lawsuit. This lazy lady is  probably on Obamacare and felt that she should get quicker service then everyone else and even after a excellent surgery, she is still filing a lawsuit. What a twat. Doctors deserve our support, not stereotypical  women who go into surgery having the intent to make a couple of bucks, having mind on there money and money on there mind, I don’t think tupoc or biggy would appreciate that.