I was watching Jimmy Kimmel  the other night and one of his guest was Bill Murray. I had noticed that both celebrities looked depressed,. Bill Murray was promoting his new film The Jungle Book where he plays the lovable talking bear Baloo. The dialogue between Jim and Bill was dry and somber, but they decided to introduce another star of the film. I cannot recall the actors name, but if you give me a second I can look it up on google. Neel Sethi is the kids name and he plays Mowgli, you know the kid who was raised in the wild who wants to be a bear. This kid came out and I must say that he had charisma, and he lit the show up. The attitudes from Bill Murray and Jimmy Kimmel began to go up. They  started to look happy again. The kid brought a certain joy to both actors,  and having a kid could bring happiness to you too. Having a kid changed my life and its never too late. So if you’ve had a visectamy, don’t worry about it, I’ve heard you can have surgery and reverse it. I’m not sure if its guaranteed, but be a risk taker, you can do it. As far as having you’re tubes untied, I’m honestly not too sure about that one. Look it up on google Ladies, I honestly don’t have the time, nor do I care to help you. Your the reason men get vasectomies in the first place.