A recant poll has shown that African American employees in the United States are not making nearly as much as white people. I Gastradamus was lucky enough to speak to Bubba Jenkins, An african american employee who worked for Mcdonalds and had some insightful things to say about his working experience.

Bubba Jenkins
The women’s restroom is a terrible place, those goodie bags smell terrible. It’s something that needs to be taken care of, I just don’t understand why they can’t flush it. There is no way it can over flow everytime. You always hear about men smelling bad but the truth of the matter is that women actually smell far worse, that’s why their deodorant is twice as potent. Women masc themselves with potions and perfumes to hide their bad smells and they do it well, but my goodness if you’ve ever cleaned out a goody bag at the end of a shift at Mcdonalds like I do everyday, then you would know why I deserve a raise.