Guest Starring and Credit to “Renegade” for a his bravery in telling/writing his true account of when he first came to terms with who he was.

As you read this, ask yourself… “What kind of person are you”?  Are you the kind of person who diligently cleans up after their dog’s fecal matter, or are you the inconsiderate individual who allows their dog to defecate all over their neighbor’s lawn with reckless abandon?  Do you proudly walk your dog with green bag or grocery bag in tow, or do you choose to walk your dog at strange hours of the day or night, where the chance of being seen bag less by your neighbors is not so high?

Or is it even worse?  Are you the kind of person who walks their dog and carries a plastic bag, and then after your furry friend drops the proverbial “duce”, pretends to pick up the droppings, but instead places his or her hand directly next to the excrement, thus never actually making contact with the waste?

I remember where I was when I made my choice,   I was at my apartment in Florida, and my Black Lab had just gone #2 in the neighbor’s front lawn where their children played.  No one was around; I frantically searched for anything I could use to pick up the waste to dispose of.  I found a large brown leaf, and it was then that I made my choice.  To this day I feel bad about the results stemming from my decision that day. But I made my choice, and I’m not in denial about it… are you?