Renegade Writer here, and I had the opportunity to speak with African American Middle School Teacher Wayne Jackson and receive his opinion in regards to Abraham Lincoln and I found out that he did not like President Lincoln. He told me that me that in many in the black community hold distaste for Lincoln because of his blatant racism, I found this interesting and dug further into the truth about Abraham Lincoln, the following are the results of my research following Wayne Jackson enlightening me about the distain for Abraham Lincoln in the black community.

Founder of the Republican Party Abraham Lincoln, was he a Conservative, a Liberal, or a Communist? Abraham Lincoln is frequently trumpeted as one of the greatest American Presidents. However, was the man a mass murderer no different from Poi Pot, or Joseph Stalin, (albeit in the name of a worthy cause)?

Abraham Lincoln politically was far from a Communist, modern political science puts his ideology as neither fitting neatly in the modern Republican or Democratic Party, but his methods were extreme. Abraham Lincoln supported the only Civil War in America’s history and oversaw the largest bloodshed in our history. Lincoln also stood idly by whilst General Sherman conducted his devastatingly cruel “March to the Sea”. Furthermore, Lincoln was no hero to African Americans.
It is well known but largely glanced over that Abraham Lincoln was a racist who saw black people as a pawn for political purposes. He did not treat black people well in his personal life, and quite frankly was an all around tool. Abraham Lincoln was a supporter of Big Government and an invader of State’s rights. The man may not have been a Communist but he was far from a Conservative, and much less an American hero. Let’s not be politically correct, horrible President…Terrible person.