The walking dead is finally coming to an end and its about time. So apparently Carl is going to be the only survivor. That’s  right, your favorite character is going to make it. You can sense the sarcasm right?We all know that Gastradamus has  impeccable grammar.  I remember when he got shot in season 2. I felt no emotion. Absolutely zero. I’ll be frank for a sec and not Gastradamus, I was kind of hoping they would kill him off. The show has been on its way out for a while. The show at first was good, back when they had Shane. We at Gastradamus love Shane, what a great actor. We knew from the start he was going places. He was even in Martin Scorcese “The wolf of Wall Street”. When he left the show, the show started to suck and has never been the same. I heard everyone talking about how great this governor character was and he did nothing but stink up the show, and that’s pretty hard to do when you already have the stink of the walking dead.