Thank you to my followers and all who have contributed to Gastradamus. We are close to hitting 1000 views in a few days. the pot is beginning to sizzle. I know you can all feel it. Without you people, I would not be here. People all over are asking me how I do it. Well its simple, im getting the best of the best opinions and that’s yours. I am trying to respond to all of my followers today, all of this is for you. I’ve got to get up tomorrow and work in a few hours, so sleep tonight is going to be slim, because I care about everyone who contributed to this blog at Gastradamus. This artist named Upsana was my first follower, I haven’t heard from her lately, but she will be remembered. This one blogger named Iriz was a interesting character. For a long time the day dream guy felt like something that wasn’t going to happen. This one excellent writer Saga has great input. Someone named ADK new how life flowed. Belinda you are truly the soul between my spine. Lily is beautiful and truly a passionate writer who speaks her mind. Belinda, really great. This women has her passion for cats and she inspired me to keep writing. Catherine you are the best, I love all of my people in the Gastradamus community, but you are one of my favorites. Maybe number 2, who knows?ย  Gama is a great poet as well and lets not forget about Melankie, this is a free lance writer, a women who does this for a living. You all inspire me, we’ve got people from all over the world. I love this women named ibeth, she speaks her mindย  about Abe lincoln when she didn’t have to. Spizztech is going to flow like the niagra falls on a Saturday night. The Renegade is coming soon to a theater near you and thelonelywriter knows we are going viral and wants to be a part of the take off I’d expect, maybe not quite a thousand a day, but one day I thought it was going to be the new norm. We are so close to 1000 views. If you like my stories, spread the word of Gastradamus. You know our stories have potential. When we go viral, all of my true followers will be taken care of. If I didn’t get to everyone I apologize, please Joanne, don’t worrie I haven’t forgot about the interview possibility. Those who havnt been part of the conversation, stop being a chicken and join. Opher be crazy but we need that here. Im too tired to

keep going, butย  me some slack, I mean Gastradamus is the next big thing. We are now the number 1 site when you type in Gastradamus. All because of you, thank you and god bless.