Everything in life is swell. Even when I have to take an inconvenient wizz, im a happy man. I open the door and walk into the bathroom. I then reach the toilet seat up and begin my business. As things begin to flow, I begin to look in the mirror. As I looked at myself the only thing I could really notice was the bright lights coming from the light bulbs. In order to see them I had to look up. While I looked up, I had a vision. I knew that Iife was going to get better, things were reaching new heights. I began to think of that one commercial, where that guy says, ‘Your going to like the way you look, I guarantee it”. I can’t recall the name of the man or his business, but I knew it had to do with nice clothing and being confident. This place sold suites and tuxedos and for the longest time I could never afford any of it, but I sense it coming. Im about to be successful, finally. Eventually the flow stopped, so I took care of things and exited the bathroom. When I say I took care of things, I don’t think its that important to elaborate, because that could come off as strange, so I think you know what I did to take care of things. Anyway, the next thing I did is the best part of the story. I walked my fat ass over to The Renegades computer and checked on the stats of Gastradamus on WordPress. I had 1300 views in one day The truth is that most of those views came in one hour. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I will soon be making more then them. I only wish that Gastradamus And Renegade had more time to contribute to this project, because we did this in 3 hours time. That many views in that amount of time is unheard of and everybody knows it. The people of Gastradamus know it.  We want to thank all of our followers for getting us to this point. Like we’ve said from the beginning, we will take care of you guys, just be sure to keep spreading the word of Gastradamus and once we make it huge, you will be remembered. We have a new story that we are going to be releasing soon, that should be a true eye opener. We recently did a post about getting close to 1000 views and we have already tripled that. That’s right, In a matter of a few days, maybe a week tops, we’ve got close to 3500 views. I may not be a math major, but I’m going to be making more then a rocket scientist, so I will certainly be making more then a math major, but those are good numbers. I guess I didn’t need Algebra after all.