For the love of Oprah, please stop shaping your head like this. The bob is not a good look. These decant women all over the globe are thinking they can pull it off, and they can’t. You’ve got to understand that even the most attractive broads in the world fall a couple of points on the rating scale from this catastrophe they call a hair style. The scale is 1 thru 10. When I say  decant women, Im basically rating them a 7, based on their appearance. So when these slightly above average women get it into their crazy head that this look will work for them, they soon realize that its too late. They drop from a 7 to a 4 in a matter of minutes, and that’s unheard of. Quite frankly I’d rather have a bald Chick. Have you ever seen that movie ‘ V for Vendetta? Natalie Portman looked so beautiful bald, but I question how vibrant she would look with a bob. The fact that I have to question Ms. Portman’s beauty in any size, shape or form should be enough for everyone that has fallen victim to the bob, to do what needs to be done.