Ever since CVS has stopped selling cigarettes, their sales have gone down, their stock has been effected and they are making less money. We have learned that people are loosing their jobs at CVS, because of this decision. Was is all worth it in the end?

Walgreens has since seen a boost in their sales, ever since CVS took the plunge. CVS claims that this decision was to help people quit smoking, but some say it was purely political.

Latoya Jackson was an ex employee at CVS and since has jumped over to Walgreens and we at Gastradamus were lucky enough to speak with her.

Latoya Jackson
It was an honor to come to Walgreens. I get my newports at discounted rates and its nice to have so many smoke breaks on the clock because Walgreens can afford to do it. I make $12 an hour and I get paid to smoke on the clock. From time to time i go to KFC in my lunch break. Sometimes after eating a whole bucket of Kernels Finest, my bowels begin to rumble, but I always wait strategically. I clock in at work and go directly to the women’s restroom and take care of business, that way im getting paid for my smoke breaks and getting paid to shit on the clock, what more can I ask for.