I’m sure everyone has heard of Mountain Dew , Right? Well over the past few years we’ve seen all types of different flavors. They even hold an election, where you “The People”, decide between Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Baha Blast. Which ever flavor gets outsold is off the shelves.

We all know at Gastradamus that Moutain Dew Baha Blast is the best way to blast off. Let’s face it, it’s the only reason we all continue to go to Taco Bell.

I think it’s important to note, that everything you thought you once new about Mountain Dew is about to change. It’s all about their new product and the Pepsi Establishment is trying to keep it under raps, but we at Gastradamus are about to unveil what they don’t want you to know…

Mountain Dew Presents… Mountain Dew Green Screen

The Dew company is finally doing something right and it’s their new flavor called, “Mountain Dew Green Screen”. It’s flavored like green apple and It’s going to hit shelves before you know it. Just remember, You heard it first @ Gastradamus. Drink well my friends, because “Mountain Dew Green Screen’ is about to take off.