3 girls one Johnson

Take a look at these these women. Which one do you think looks the BrEST? Please comment and let me know who  deserves the crown. Now after you decide, we would like you to share your comments on who you think is the most attractive. What’s the catch? One of these broads is of transsexual breed. Which one could it be? The link at the end of the article will give you the answer. Now before you find out who it is, we would like you to comment on which one you initially thought looked the best.

There are two groups in this world. Group one will make a choice and stick with it. The other will change their opinion to the popular choice. Which group will you be a fart of?

We are hearing things on the media about transgenders. It’s all politics really, but these people have a say I guess or at least an opinion. I believe that a transgender restroom is kind ridiculous, but to each their own. When the white house is giving advice for a restroom policy about the Transgendered community, which is something they really did, then we could have some issues in the future.

We will start to see comments from the people of WordPress. Who looks the BrEST out of the bunch? Im counting on the people of WordPress to make a choice. Please folks let your opinion be heard… Or stray out of it and be a coward, the choice is yours.

Before you know it we are going to see the debate of having gay bathrooms and who knows how far it will go after. Just remember that you heard it first on Gastradamus… We would like to thank Hempknight for bringing this picture to our attention. After this thing goes VIRAL, we will give credit and money to all those who have contributed.

Moment of truth, click the link below to see which one is crowned the Transgender drag queen.


We ask one last time for the people of Gastradamus and the people of WordPress to choose who they thought looked the best, before finding out which one has been the crowned the johnson