So there is this movie called “100 years” that was show cased at Cannes festival Apparently the idea is to make the movie and release it a hundred years to date. It’s stars the incredible “John Malkovich” and lets not to forget to mention that we love John Malkovich @ Gastradamus and the Director of the film is Robert Rodriguez.

It really is an original idea, I like it. It’s got spunk, but is it possible that it’s all a ploy?

Just think about it, they do the build up for the movie, getting everyone dying to see it. Which they very well may in a century, but who knows. If this film comes out in a few years, everyone who thought it looked pleasurable to the eye lids are most likely going to be like, ” Fuck yeah im going to watch this flick, I was thinking I would never have the chance to see it.

We @ Gastradamus believe this movie will be released sooner then the 2115 release date.

I originally watched a clip on CNN about the movie 100 years. The video stars CNN Lisa France, she has this segment called Lisa’s Desk and its very satisfying. Please let me know what you think of this movie.
Apparently it may be showcased at Cannes Film Festival.

Here’s the link to watch the video