Doritos has done it again.  Pro choice activist are rebelling against a commercial that aired in the Super Bowl. This happened earlier this year, but didn’t get too much attention. What do the people of WordPress think about the Brand New Doritos Dinimita. It just hit the shelves and there was a lot of them left.  It’s flavor is lime and chili, not to sure about that combo. If you have the Chance please let know what you think of Hooters Favors Implants, its incredible, truly groundbreaking and it will leave you wanting to be a part of the Gastradamus community of excellence. Here’s the link, let me know what you think people. Im experimenting with this idea of getting more people to come to my blogs and read my best story. The moment I mention pro choice activist, this blog will be looked into. I just want to know what you think of Hooters Favors Implants, so please pro choice people, black lives matter people check out my stories because you will love them.

Hooters Favors Implants

And if you would like to see what the fuss is all about from these crazy lunatics, then here’s the link below for that