Ryan Gosling thinks that women overall are better then men. We Disagree with this theory, we feel that men and women are equal. The men got fucked over with the whole women and children  first on the Titanic life boats. The children thing I get, but women first, come on people get with the program. Just because we disagree with Ryan Gosling on this issue, does not mean that we can’t still be friends.

We love Ryan Gosling at Gastradamus. The Notebook was a fantastic movie. I recently saw that new one with him and Russell Crowe called the nice guys which was quite enjoyable. That movie Drive was 🙆. Hey that kind of looks like Harambe, you know the Gorilla who got shot in Cincinnati. Anyway I heard that film The Big Short was also a great one.

We love abcnews at Gastradamus. We were lucky enough to hear this story from them. Check out their website @ abcnews.com

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