Have you ever wondered why black
people smell like white rice? Did you ever
walk past a group of them and wonder to
yourself  why is it they smell like white rice? This is something I experience often. I go thru them on a daily basis. I go to a place  to bet on horses. You will start to realize that when you go to a place to wager on horses, you will notice that the majority of the people there are black, its just the way the chicken 🍗  fries. They enjoy to bet and that’s why im raising this question. I know im not alone, in fact I did some research and there are others who feel the same way.

Just go to google.com and type in why do black people smell like white rice, you ‘ll see all types of smells from different ethnicity. I was reading something that talked about Asians disliking the way both whites and blacks smelled. They did later point out that the blacks smelled far worse. Check it out its on one of the forums in the google search