This film straight up blew.
One of the worst follow UPS in cinema.
We all love disaster flicks, but not this one. For 10 minutes the movie had that disaster feel, but that was it. No great speech by the prez this time around. This may have been worse then The Avengers Age of ultron, but at least it was a lot shorter. The highlight of this picture was the guy with the long hair. He was the only character who had that feel from the first independence day. Independence day resurgence was not the follow up we were all hoping for. Will smith has made a lot of shit films lately, but he made the right call sitting this one out. His comments about the Academy Awards are still bullshit, but he was right about this. Why waste your time with a shitty sequel when you can read one of the best short stories going on WordPress called,*blue jasmine* … Check it out people

Blue jasmine