One of the better comedies I’ve scene in a while. It had a fun story, lots of laughs and a up and coming actor named Adam DeVine, not Adam Levine, he’s the lead singer of Maroon 5. He also stars as one of the judges on the reality tv show on NBC called The Voice, but back to the Adam DeVine.

Facial expressions are a fading breed in Hollywood, but not after Mike and Dave need wedding dates. With Dave, not so much, he tends to just pose, but that’s what Zac Efron does best. Mike had his name first in the title and that’s all that matters.  The Mike character steals the show with his John Bolshie comparable expressions of the face.

Normally women aren’t that funny, its a silent truth. Just like the way they toot. Perhaps your more familiar with the term fart. There’s no dought that’s there’s a big debate over which actress is hotter. The actress from the Twilight saga, Anna Kend who plays Alice or the attractive broad from NBC Parks and Recreation, Aubrey Plaza who’s stars as Tatiana. They were both funny, but you will notice which name I put first. I don’t have to say which one is hotter.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

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