They’ve finally done it, can you believe it? Ghostbusters is back baby, but wait, are you telling me that the original cast is not going to be in it, um that’s a little concerning.

Wait what’s that, your telling me that this movie is going to be a chick flick directed by the chick who brought us Brides Maid. Your giving me that actress from Mike and Molly as my lead, Newsflash, that show has been canceled.

Im getting sick of these fat actresses automatically getting roles from their obesity.  I could have dealt with a Ghostbusters remake with modern day comedians. I would even go as far to say that I would have preferred a black version of the film over the one the one they’re making now.

Hold on a second, are you telling me that slimer  is coming back?  That’s honestly all I needed to know, everything else is irrelevant, this movie will be a masterpiece.

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