Universal Orlando is know for its thrilling attractions and bringing families of all ethnic backgrounds together, but today I witnessed the unthinkable when a buddy of mine pointed out a harsh reality.

There was a movie called Forrest Gump, perhaps you’ve heard of it. Anyway, they decided to make a chain of restaurants based on the BubbaGumpshrimp company portrayed in the phenomenal movie Forest Gump.

At Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, they have this place you enter before you actually get to the theme park called City Walk. It has a movie theater, shops, bars and restaurants. Some of those restaurants are themed to classics like Forrest Gump.

Look at that sign, my friend said. I glanced up and saw the BubbaGumpShrimp sign, which was lit up for the most part, But the word Bubba was blacked out. I’ve had it with these black characters not getting the credit they deserve. Was the word “Bubba” not lit up because of his black skin?

Get with the program Universal Studios, this is not the 1960’s anymore.

Gastradamus is my name and gassy topics is my game, I’ve give credit to my pal that pointed this out. He did not want his name to be mentioned and I do not blame him. If you found this article fascinating, then check out the controversial story about using disabled bathrooms called, “Blue Jasmine”.

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