How do I know that this Paper towel Conspiracy is for real? I feel like im being scamed. Could this just be environmentalist having another field day, like the bullshit they pulled out of their ass about SeaWorld?

We all know that it doesn’t break down the same way as toilet paper, but why that be enough to stop me.

Are you telling me that if I happen to go to a convenient store, and I have to take a shit and there’s no toilet paper left because some black lives matter activist is not doing his job, that I should be a good samaratin and not wipe my ass, when I have a shit load of paper towels? That sounds ludicrous.

I will not bend down to black fish or other crazy activist whose name I will not mention again

Gastradamus is my name and gassy topics are my game, if you enjoyed this article, than please do yourself a favor and check out my story about the hard decisions that people must take, while using the disabled bathrooms, its called blue jasmine

Blue Jasmine