Watch out people, McDonalds is back and its better then ever. We all enjoy happy meals and we love that its economical. For a lot of low income families, it can be difficult to buy toys for their children and Mcdonalds has always kept that in mind.

They have decided to use a step tracker as their toy for the happy meal. Its a watch and monitors peoples step count. People are having an uproar over this matter saying that McDonalds is promoting healthy exercise in a bad way.

These crazy vegans need to get a grip, because Mcdonalds does so much for the world weather you like it or not. The Ronald Mcdonald House is an excellent charity organization and people should be talking more about that.

Do yourself a solid and get a happy meal, that way you can get the, STEP iT Activity Bands and support the needy children at the Ronald McDonald house

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