Black Lives Matter Activist Laquisha Afferny has come out against white pumpkins. Her complaint came shortly after seeing white pumpkins displayed at a Walmart supercenter. I heard her screaming at the racist food product and had to come to her rescue. Below is a brief interview with this American Patriot whose racial injustice needs to be heard.

Gastradamus: So how does this make you feel? Only seeing these white pumpkins for sale?

Laquisha Afferny: It mades me feel angury. I don’t see any black pumpkins for sale. Its discrimination against our community and its not aceptable.

Gastradamus: Should Walmart be held accountable for this inequality?

Laquisha Afferny: Yes, they should pay for all of my groceries.

Gastradamus: That’s a lot chicken you have in your shopping cart. I see fried chicken and rotisserie chicken. Are those chicken livers as well?

Laquisha Afferny: Yeah, its the only thing I can aford, I lost my job at KFC, because I kept eating their chicken, but its not my fault, because I’m poor and stealing food wen yur Hungary is OK.

Gastradamus: Let me pay for those, its the least I can do.

I took out my wallet and handed her a twenty dollar bill.

Laquisha Afferny: Wat, dat’s it?

Gastradamus: That’s more than enough, do you mind if I take your picture for my blog @ Gastradamus?

I never saw Laquisha Afferny again. She took the money and walked to the cold chicken department, but its very important for us as people to remember her story. She had a fat ass

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