Burnt to crisp, hundred dollar bills. Stacked up like a ladder. It was on fire and the only way left. There was nowhere else to go. As I stood in front of it, I witnessed it’s incredible height. I could feel it’s burn threw my skin and from the inside of my nostrils. As I reached for the ladder I could not grasp it and Without a grip I could not take my first step.

“HELP”! I Shouted…

A heavy rain came from above and put out the fire. It went from burning hot to chilling in an instant. It was dark and the only thing I could make out was the orange embers burning through the cash. I was able to grip the ladder and take my first step. It was a slippery slope but I was gaining ground. The light was fading and the steam began to burn less. As I moved up, a flood began to rise from below me. It was coming fast and the only thing left to do was let go.

The water lifted me up and the ladder was no more. It was pitch black and I felt the tide pushing me upward and the rain.

A full moon appeared in front of me. It was bright and massive in size. It was in my face like a peekaboo. Black and white had never looked so colorful. the water was blue and began to change coarse. I no longer felt like I was being pushed up, instead I felt content. The rain came to a halt and The water expanded as I was drifting.

As I floated, I could feel the water going in and out of my ears, but I could still hear the ocean and then I couldn’t hear anything at all.

It grew eerily quiet. The view of the moon had changed. It was no longer in my face. Instead it grew distant. I watched it travel to the opposite direction. It was whole but far sided. It came to a stop and stayed put. I looked at it silently and studied its new setting.

A loud horn followed. It was a terrifying noise. The full moon went from white to blood red. I witnessed how fast things change. The water around me turned into blood. It no longer smelled like the water, instead it smelled rotten.

I couldn’t float anymore, the tide was too rough so I tried to swim. Waves were crashing hard against me and I began to lose my strength. I struggled to stay afloat as I watched a massive wave in the distance begin to form as the horn continued to blair. The red water began to shallow. The wave created a vacuum that sucked out all the blood. I was left in the sand surrounded by the skeletons I had made. I knew why I was here. Surrounding the bones were old material items of mine. I saw wads of red cash, blood diamonds, a bloody Rolex, a burgundy suite, knives and pistols all covered in gore.

I fell to my knees and began to cry as I watched the wave inching in on me. I wasn’t always like this, but in the end it got the best of me. I felt so sad for what I had become. This is not how I started. If only I could start over and have a new beginning.


A distinct voice told me to dig, so I dug. Fire ants were crawling all over my hands and it felt like they were on fire. I continued digging as quickly I could. The wave was almost here. It was as tall as a skyscraper. I could feel something strong through the dirt. It was a body. I had uncovered most of the sand and felt a face and discovered that it was mine buried six feet under. As I looked at my face I noticed a golden crucifix around my neck. I could hear the loud swoosh from the wave as drops of blood splashed onto the cross. I grabbed onto it and never let go

“A full moon appeared in front of me. It was bright and massive in size. It was in my face like a peekaboo”.