Time is of the essence. I had a long way to go and a short time to get there. The nearest Casino was a distance away and I was no bandit. A bad debt can catch up to you quicker than you think.

It’s why I made the drive. I’m attempting what any degenerate would, getting back what I lost and what I lost is someone elses money.

My luck feels changed and I’ve got the headache from hell. I’m taking exit 27 and the road here is dead. The less traffic the better, I need to pay this off before things escalate with this guy.

Recently I turned 27. I always had a superstition about that number. I would always bet it. Something inside told me to. However, it never did me any good.

My car seems to be running OK, but the radio is out of whack for some reason. All I can hear is static. I tried turning the knob and


A bat crashed into my windshield.

“HOLY SHIT”!, I shouted

I was startled and then I heard something disturbing come from the radio and it’s signal was crystal clear. It was a loud scream. After I heard the scream, I heard a cry which instantly faded into nothing. There wasn’t even static left.

It was unsettling. Just when I thought stranger things could happen, they did. That casino once in a city far, far away was right off the exit.

It’s facade had changed. It’s glamour was no more. The lights were dim. The shape of the building looked rough and beaten. The fresh white paint grew dirty. It was secluded. They must be doing some renovation.

When I got to the parking lot I noticed abandoned cars so run down that you would have thought my car was at a junk yard.

I parked close to the building. Once I got out of my vehicle, I began to limp. Something felt off with one of my legs. There was also a chill in the air. I walked towards the entrance with an urge to feel warmth and an itch to gamble.

It was cold and empty inside. Everything was unkept. The crystal chandeliers were dusty. The carpet was trashed. The walls had stains and it smelled like bleach.

Everything looked vacant and out of order. The slot machines were broken. The roulette wheel had no balance. The craps table had no dice. I didn’t see any dealers at the black jack tables.

And than I heard a sound coming from a slot machine. I guess they weren’t all dead after all. To my advantage there was a button on it that said, “Free Play” . Next to that button was a screen that displayed $0.00, which indicates how much money a player has. It looked like your standard slot machine. There were three Random symbols displayed on the screen. Normally slot machines have symbols like 7s, BAR, $, but these icons were hard to make out.

I pushed the button and the first symbol that came up was a bad credit emblem . The second was of an equals sign and the third was a flying bat. Now normally these symbols must match to mean something or to win, but the slot machine made a large ringing sound, which would normally indicate a victory.

I noticed the pay screen which began at $0.00 was gradually going up. In a matter of seconds it was up to $10.00, and a couple seconds later it was at $20.00. It was moving so fast that there was no telling how far it would go. When it got to $27.00 the machine froze, but continued to ring.

“Son of a bitch” I shouted

It’s not like there’s anyone here to fix this. I walked to the back of the machine and noticed the power chord unplugged. However the machine was still making a noise.

I felt confused , and went back to look at the slot screen. The symbols were vanishing right before my eyes. However, even without power, the number 27 remained with the exception of the money symbol, which was now gone. The audio cut out and the ringing silenced. I couldn’t hear anything anymore.

The slot screen formed into a picture. It looked like a scene from a movie. I was in the video talking to the guy who lent me the money. He grabbed a bat and