Is it normal growing up with an imaginary friend? Does that question get the attention it deserves? Some would say yes and that it’s good for the imagination, while others might suggest it’s a red flag. These are subjects that need to be examined more closely.

However, did you stop and think of another possibility? What if these imaginary friends weren’t fake? What if somewhere in someplace one of those imaginary friends was for real.

A short time ago a family of three moved into a home. The father got an incredible offer, almost too good to be true. Shortly after moving in weird things started to happen. Strange thumps could be heard from the inside, while flying objects could be seen flying from the outside. The House had two stories. It’s color was white on the inside and out. There wasn’t much of a backyard really, but in the front is where all the action took place. There was a nice big apple tree and a fresh cut lawn. There was a section in the yard devoted to Venus fly traps. It was a garden of them. The fathers name was Christopher and he thought they were amazing. He had tan skin and his hair was blonde, he also had a beer belly, which had nothing to do with his accident. He had a loving family, a good son named Billy who was skinny and had one of those mushroom haircuts which always looked fresh with hair like his fathers. Margaret was his devoted wife who had long black hair and the skin of an Angel.

After a few months of settling in, it was Christmas time. Christopher felt like it was a good idea to put up Christmas lights. While hanging them he fell off his ladder and broke his neck. He was dead. No one was there when it happened, no one witnessed it take place, but it was the only logical explanation.

Margaret was devastated and so was her son. Her child, who was always so kind and loving began to change. He developed a bad habit shortly after his father’s death. He could be seen and heard talking to himself, but he claimed it was something else. He called it the lizard man. It seemed to unleash a bad behavior. He would skip out on his chores and show a lack of respect. His mom could hear him talking at this very moment.

“Who are you talking with”?, Margaret asked.

“It’s the Lizard man, mommy”. Billy said

“I don’t see anyone sweetie”. She claimed.

“That’s because he blends in”. He stated

“Where is he from”? She asked

” I think he’s from downer space”. he said

“Do you mean outer space”. She asked

“No”. He replied

“What’s he doing here” she asked

“He’s keeps me company since dad died”. He said.

“That sounds like a guardian angel.” she said

“He doesn’t like angels”. Billy replied

“I don’t like that talk son”. Margaret insisted

“They stand in the way of his mission.” he said.

“What mission”? She asked

“He doesn’t want me to tell you”. He replied.

“That’s enough son. Did you water the plants after school”? She asked

“No, I forgot”. He told her

“Those were very important to your father, it’s not like you to forget”. He said

“They scare me”. Billy replied

“What are you talking about, you love the venus fly traps.” Margaret told him

“They’re thorny and ferocious. I think they want to harm me”. He said.

“They watch over our yard, they are here for our protection. ” she replied.

“That’s a little over the top”. He said.

“I’m not the one talking to a lizard”. She replied

“You laugh now, but you won’t later”. He said.

“What is it with you”? “Did something happen in school today”? … Margaret asked.

When Billy walked into his portable classroom the first thing he smelled was mildew, the next thing he noticed was Ms Stetsons absence. Instead a substitute teacher named Professor Plump took her place for the day. He was a fat pacific islander from Rhode Island who dressed as casual as they come. He had a hairstyle from the 60s called The Tony Curtis. He was always very interactive with the students. He brought subjects to the table that no minimum wage employee had ever done before.

“Attention class, when I mention the word space, What do you think of”? Mr Plump asked…

Billy raised his hand

“Billy, please this isn’t Catholic school, feel free to speak up. I’m not going to hit you with a ruler”. he replied.

A menacing laugh chuckled out of Billy’s mouth before answering the question.

“Aliens”, Billy said.

“Ah yes. We are being visited as we speak”. Mr Plump said

Next to billy sat an Asian girl by the name of chow

“Ms Stetson says aliens are fake”, chow said.

MS chow fits your standard representation of an Asian student. She landed herself in SLD by pretending to have a learning disability. She was so exhausted from working at her father’s Chinese sweatshop that she decided to fake dyslexia. It only took a few assignments of mangled wording before her arrival.

“Well it sounds like Ms Stetson has been eating to much playdo”. “It’s ok to try it”. “Everyone wants to taste the ocean, but never swallow it hole”. Mr Plump said

“So what do you suppose these terrestrial beings look like”? Mr Plump asked

“They look like chow”, Crawford said.

The class started laughing.

Crawford was a black student. He was that kid in grade school who always sat in the back snorting pixie sticks. In fact that’s him doing it right now and believe it or not Professor Plump was OK with it.

“Ah yes, the slant eyed theory,” Mr plump said.

The teacher acknowledged his statement and was unfazed by Crawford’s activity.

Crawford was using a dollar bill Hector had lent him to make the hit proper.

“Ms Stetson doesn’t let us snort pixie sticks”, chow said.

“Well that fragrance isn’t around anymore”. “Have you ever heard of the Beatles chow”? Mr Plump asked

“Of coarse”, MS know it all replied

” Let it be, Yoko” . “Let’s not break up the classroom Like your great ancestor broke up the greatest band of all time”. Mr Plump said

Chow looked embarrassed and professor plump wasn’t done putting her down.

“Keep doing what you do Crawford”. “Keep those creative juices flowing” and chow, you’ve got something on your nose”. He said

“Oh my gosh, really”?,chow said.

“Yeah, It kind of looks like caca, which brings us to our Spanish word of the day and what does that word mean Hector”? Mr Plump asked.

“Caca means poop”, Hector said.

Hector was a chubby Puerto Rican who barely spoke a word of English. He would trade his grandmas empanadas for lunch money, which is how he was able to lend that dollar to Crawford.


Hector along with everyone else, excluding chow began to laugh as the professor continued talking.

“Do the class a favor and run to the John and take care of that, will yah”. Mr Plump insisted

“Shouldn’t I have a hall pass”? Chow asked

“There are things in life class that we cannot erase or wash off, like chows brown nose”. “Back talk me again and you’ll be getting a zero”.
“There’s no brown nosers signing my yearbook. . . Mr plump said

There was a pause and than the substitute began to speak again.

“Am I being unclear”? “Scidattle, I want you out of my classroom like white on rice”. He demanded Chow.

Chow walked out of the classroom and Billy was mumbling to his side, like he was talking to someone

“What is it Billy”? The sub asked

“They don’t always look slant eyed, their appearances change and look different to certain people”. Billy said.

“So what do they look like to you”?
He asked

“Its face is dark and its eyes are blood red. They have the tongue of a serpent and a tail of a lizard. It’s right here, can’t you see it”? Billy asked

“I can’t”. Mr Plump replied

Billy mumbled to his side again.

“He says to some they look invisible”. Billy said

“And to others”. Professor asked

“He can look human”. Billy replied

“Can they take over our bodies”? Mr plump wondered

“It’s like you said professor”, “we’re being visited as we speak”. . . Billy told him

“So how as humans can we tell a difference between a person and an alien”. Mr Plump asked

“They will look ill”. Billy replied

“So your telling me that everytime I see a person under the weather that could mean I’m looking at an extra terrestrial”. Mr Plump asked

“Anything is possible”., Billy told him

“Your looking pretty pale yourself”. Mr Plump said.

“I’ve got fair skin”, “so you don’t have to worry about me”. He assured him

“Any other signs”? He asked

“When they take over human flesh the trees of life shed like snake skin”. Billy replied

“OK, thats good to know”. “Do these beings have an appetite”? Mr Plump asked

“They feed on the soul and eat critters near by”. Billy replied

“Could you elaborate”? He asked

“Roaches, worms, lizards, those type of things”. Billy replied

“Lizards Hugh”? “That seems a bit extreme”. He said

“It’s like chicken to them”. Billy told him

“You have anything more definitive”? He asked

“When they turn”, “their tongue will be in the shape of a…

Thump Thump Thump

Three taps were heard coming from Billy’s desk.

“Was that you Billy”? Mr Plump asked?

While Crawford was distracted going to town on tinker bell, a concerned look came across the face of Hector.

“No, it was…

“Es Diablo”!!!, Hector shouted

Hector zipped up his backpack to make sure his cash and empanadas were secure. He ran out of the classroom faster than any fat kid before him would ever run.

“Hector, get back here”. Mr Plump demanded

The teacher could care less about chows long absence, but he seemed legitimately concerned for Hectors well being, so he went after him.

“You two, stay put”. He told Billy and Crawford

Crawford looked dazed and confused.

“What’s going on”? Crawford asked

“You get a kick out those pixie sticks, don’t you.”? Billy told him

“I’m just fighting boredom”, “I hate school”. He said

“It’s quite the drag”. Billy stated

“I hope snorting all these pixies sticks will make me sick”, “that way I can stay home for a few days”. Crawford said

“Your hearts in the right place”, “but your not using your head”. Billy said

“What do you mean”. He asked

“I knew a kid once, just like you, except he was Haitian or is that the same thing as black”? Billy asked

“I don’t know”, “I’m from the Bronx”. Crawford replied

“I think you may be the same blood type”, “anyway that gent was so desperate to get out of school that he put a paper clip into an outlet”. Billy said

“And what happened”? Crawford said

“He got shocked so bad that he got to miss school for an entire month”. Billy told him

“Are you serious”. He asked

“I’m for real Crawford, in fact I’m dead ass serious”. He assured him

“Can I try” Crawford asked

“I don’t see why not”. “I assume you have those on tap”. Billy said

Sure enough he had them on tap, along with his stock pile of rubber bands, paper planes and footballs also made of tree all in his handy dandy crown box.

He took out a paper clip and unfolded it’s design. It extended out quite nicely and was in the perfect shape for insertion.

“Looks good Crawford, good job”. “Now the only thing left to do is make it wet”. “There’s a sink in the back”. He said.

Crawford walked to the back of the room and turned on the faucet. Out came a perfect stream of clear water. He dipped his paper clip into the flow and suddenly it’s color changed. The water was now blood red.

“Oh my garsh”, Crawford said.

“Don’t worry about that”, “its just the rust from the pipes”. “That should be good enough, but leave it running, it’s helps build a stronger shock”.

“You ready?”. Billy asked

Crawford found the nearest electrical outlet and plugged his wet paper clip into it

“Ahhhhhhhh” he shouted

His hair stood up like buckwheats from the little rascals while electricity ran through his loins.

The sink began to overflow and blood came pouring out of it dripping onto the classroom rug.

Billy rushed out of the classroom and found a spot outside where he could sneak a peak through one of the portable windows. He noticed a flood of blood beginning to form and chow walked into it.

Unaffected by the stream, Chow ran to Crawfords side. She sat there crying hysterically.

“Oh Crawford, my love”. “I never tried to hurt you”, “I was only trying to help”. “If only you knew the side effects of processing that poison”. “Its why I said something, it was for your own good”. “Wake up, Crawford”, Wake up!!!. “I need you”!!!. Chow shouted

Whoever said Asians have no souls were wrong.

Chow began to shake Crawford to get him out of his funk. He wasn’t budging, so she began to punch him in hopes of waking him up.

Through the looking glass Billy could see Professor Plump in the distance, he was on the phone.

“All right, Grandma, so Hectors with you than”. Mr Plump said

Professor Plump was looking around for Hector for quite some time. He eventually called his grandma who also didn’t speak a word of English, but was able to hear Hectors voice in the background which meant he was safe.

“That’s Great, well I can’t understand a word your saying so I’m gonna hang up now”. Mr Plump finished

After Professor Plump hung up on Hectors Grandma, he noticed blood dripping out of his portable.

“Jesus Christ”, he said.

Professor Plump rushed into the classroom and saw chow beating on Crawford, not knowing her intentions.

“Oh no egg role”, “what have you done”. He asked

“It wasn’t my fault”. Chow said

“You have beaten Crawford to death”. He replied

“I wasnt beating him up”, “I was trying to save him”. She pleaded

“Your dead meat you fucking cunt”. Mr Plump said.

Professor Plump had made up his mind. He took a container of plato and threw against the glass case protecting the fire extinguisher. Shreds of glass broke off and he reached for it and aimed the hose at chows face.

“Please don’t”… She said

“Crawford may have not been the brightest student but he was a good person”. “At least he didn’t fake his way into sLd, like you did”. He shouted

“How did you know”?

“Crawford told me you bragged to him about it the last time I subbed in for MS Stetson “. He said.

“I’m sorry, Its my father”, “he works me half to death”. “I had to do something to lessen the work load”. She said

He sprayed her in the face…

“Ah, my eyes”!!!… She cried

“They won’t be open much longer you dahli lama whore”. Mr Plump told her

“No”!!!, she shouted

And to make matters worse, he didn’t stop there. He bashed her brains out with that fire extinguisher.

Chunks of her brain could be seen floating through the blood. Billy could see it through the window. After witnessing this he decided it was time to go home and Believe It or not, none these events came to surface until the next day, Which leads us back to where we started.

“What is it with you? Did something happen at school today”?… Margaret asked

“No mom”. Billy replied

“I hear you talking to yourself all of the time”, she told him

“I’m not talking to myself”. He insisted

“I hear you at nite”, “sometimes as late as 3 in the morning”. She said

“Well that’s his time”, mother.” Billy said

“If you ever need to talk about what happened to dad, I’m here for you”… “It was hard for me to sleep after his accident. I prayed for the lords strength and one night something paid me a visit”.
She told him

“What was it”? He asked

“I had all of the lights off in my bedroom and I was tossing and turning all night. I felt broken inside and away from god’s love and than something bright appeared. It was a light so powerful, that every inch of sadness left my body. I was filled with joy and knew that your father watching over us”. She finished

“How long did it last”? He asked

“At least a few minutes, but ever since that day I knew we were being looked after. I haven’t had any issues sleeping since, which is something I think you need Desperately right now, your not looking too well”. She insisted. Are you sure your feeling OK? She asked

“I’m OK, Good night mother dearest”. Billy replied.

Before Margaret went to sleep she preyed for guidance and before she knew it, she was outside her house watering the Venus fly trap. It was dark outside and once she applied the water it began to grow in size, almost on level with Margaret. It looked like one of those creatures from super Mario that come out of the sewers.

“Hey, Margaret”. He said

It was her husbands voice

“I miss you laying next to me at night.” she said.

“Don’t worry, I’m always with you”. He replied

“I need your help. Our sons in trouble”. She said

“I know, the man upstairs sent me here to talk to you about him”. He replied

“In the form of a Venus fly trap”?. She asked

“Why not, I loved those things, thanks for always taking such good care of them for me”. He told her

“What’s wrong with our son”? She asked

“He’s with god now and so are a couple of his classmates. I guess there was an incident at school today”. He replied

“What are you saying, I just spoke with him”? She told him

“I’m saying that thing you spoke with is not our son”. He said

“What is it”? She asked

“There’s a dark presence that’s been with him for quite sometime now”. He said.

Margaret had a look of Horror across her face.

“In fact it was that same darkness that pushed me off the ladder”. He told her

“Oh my god”, Margaret said.

“I may have jumped the gun on getting this house, its surrounded by darkness, but for the rate we got it at, you can’t blame me too much. I was only human after all”. He said

“It was a great offer and let’s face sweetie, Im the one that wore the pants in our relationship, and it was my final say, so actually it was my fault”. She replied


“It’s not about who’s to blame studmuffin. My whole point is that It took me, it has taken over your son and if you don’t do something quick it will take over you”. He finished

“I don’t believe what I’m hearing” she said.

“When you wake up you will be going head to head with the beast. Your life as you know it will be changed forever”.

“So this is just a dream”? She asked

“It’s a premonition”. He said

“I hope it’s just a nightmare”. She said

“Now kiss me margaret it’s almost time”

She wrapped her hands around the Venus fly trap whos shape was prickly like a cactus, pressed her lips against his and felt a stinging sensation.

Margaret woke up from her sleep surrounded by bees and wasps. They filled her room and we’re stinging her face.

“Oh my god”, she shouted!!! Billy where are you???

She searched throughout the entire house looking for her son while a swarm of bees continued to follow her every move.

“Billy”!! She shouted again.

With no sign of Billy anywhere in the home she ran outside and was in awe with what she witnessed.

Her once green grass was dead. The only form of life creeping around were these nasty looking worms and insects. You could see them squirming through the dirt and eating through the rotten apples.

The once ripe tree full of fresh green leafs and fine ripe apples were no longer alive. Picture a dead tree completely covered with branches of white shedding snake skin.

The Venus fly traps were removed from their soil and torn to shreds. There was a garden Ho nearby it’s debris.

Her son was no where in site. All the houses in the hood looked identical. Two story houses that were all painted white. Billy would have stuck out like a sore thumb. She took a look at her driveway and saw a line of lizards trailing under her mini van.

She heard the sound of a chomp coming from below. The same noise a kid makes while chewing gum. Margaret squatted down and saw Billy covered in Lizards. They were in his grasp, all over his body. He was feeding on them. Ooze ran down the side of his mouth as left over chunks could be seen all over his face. It finally noticed Margaret and told her.

“My Mission is to take him away from you”, he said. In a deep dark tone.

Margaret was terrified.

A tongue came out of its mouth in the shape of an upside down cross, it was licking up all the Lizard Guts left over.

It was laughing hysterically.

“You are not my son”, she said.

Margaret walked away and grabbed the HO which was resting near what was left of the Venus fly traps.

She ran over to the van, threw the ho down and flipped her car over with pure blessed by GOD adrenaline pumping strength.

“You fucking whore”, the lizard Man said.

She picked up the Ho and bashed the beast brains into the pavement, similar to Professor Plumps killing of Chow, who was now on the run . . .

“This just in, it’s your Rhode Island news minute”.

This story took place somewhere in Rhode Island, just in case you were wondering. Will let the radio do it’s thing now….

“Two students were found dead in a portable covered in blood at a local elementary school today. Police are investigating the Where abouts of a local substitute teacher named Patrick Plump”.

“Fuckin A”!!!, he shouted.

The radio continued…

“If you’ve seen a black ford bronco with a plate that reads PLUMP, please notify the police immediately . This man is armed and dangerous.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me”!!! Professor Plump screamed. .

“A local mother was also arrested for taking her sons life with a garden ho. She claims that her son was taken over by the devil himself. Ironically that kid was classmates with the two individuals who were found dead in that portable at Rhode Island Elementary. Police have a grandmother and her grandson in custody. The grandson whose name will not be disclosed was the last student remaining in that class of four and is now the only one left.”

The sound of the radio cut off and it’s frequency changed. There was static.

“Come on”!!!, professor Plump said with frustration.

“Your looking pretty sick there professor”. The Lizard Man said

“What the fuck is going on”? Plump asked

“Can you hear me now, Patrick”?

“Yes, I can hear you”. He responded trembling with fear.

“Can you see me now”?

Professor Plump looked into his rearview mirror and saw the face of a devil with bright bloody eyes. It said one last thing to the professor before taking him over.

Looks like Billy wasn’t so crazy after all.

Lizard Guts