She had the look of wanting something. I was standing outside in the smoking area of a flea market when she walked up to me. Its wardrobe was quite traditional. This sista had an unkept Afro and wore a white wife beater and grey sweatpants. Her skin was black and ashy. Her scent smelled like spoiled yogurt even in kept distance. I could smell the sour when she asked me

“You gotta lite”? She asked

She did this weird arm motion while asking, and I couldn’t help but notice the bush of armpit hair growing from beneath.

“Yeah sure,” “just give me a second”. I told her

I’m your traditional white trash, beer belly redneck with no teeth. I wear a hat to cover my bald head. I’ve got on my Wranglers from 1982 and a Budweiser TShirt I stole from a place called Thrift Co, so If you thought spoiled yogurt and armpit hair was a deal-breaker, than think again.

I reached into my skin tight jeans and struggled to grasp my lighter. When you’ve got a pack of Marlboros, car keys and a light all in the same pocket, it means that the struggle with obesity is real.

“I’m sorry”, “these jeans are so tight”. I told her

While continuing to reach she responded back to me with

“I know dats right”. She replied.

I felt like she was checking me out and she gave off the body language of wanting to fuck. I managed to maneuver the lighter out of my pocket and handed it to her.

She lit up her cigarette and handed me back my property and asked

“Do you want to fuck”?. She said

“We can go to my truck”. I told her.

“Okay”. She responded.

I took her to my truck and remembered the sour smell that came from within.

“Hey”, “before we do this”, “I just want to let you know that It smells like sour milk in there”. I told her

She looked confused

“I accidently left a gallon in the truck and it exploded from the heat I reckon”, I finished.

“Dats OK”, she responded “I don’t mind”.