A man in a hotel was laying down getting ready. He was here on business and drawn to this location. He turned on the TV and was browsing through the stations when he heard a knock coming from the front door.

“Knock, Knock”.

“Who’s there”?. The man asked

The door aggressively swung open and hit the side of the wall, and swung back shut as heavy doors will do.

The man was startled and jumped out of bed. He rushed to the door and looked through the peep hole and saw nothing. He grabbed the handle and opened the door and stepped outside and saw no one.

He went back into his room waiting. As he laid back down he could hear voices coming from another room. It was a man and a woman’s voice. He could hear them screaming at one another.

“AHHH”! “YOU FUCKING WHORE”! The mans voice shouted.

“I’ll KILL YOU”! The ladies voice screamed

He could hear their door open and slam shut. The man rushed out of bed once again to see what else he could learn. He looked through the peep hole again and saw a man outside his door with blood rushing down his hand. He opened it for him in hopes to help.

He was a fat white man with a bald head who wore a white wife beater and boxers briefs.

“Are you all right”?, he asked

“That crazy bitch bit off my finger”. , He yelled

“Come on in”, “I’ll grab you a towel”. , he replied

Blood came pouring down his hand onto the white pavement as he held the door open for the wounded stranger. As he crossed over from the outside blood came dripping down into the white carpet.

The man handed him a towel.

“Does it hurt”?, he asked

“I don’t feel anything” , he responded.

“I’m hear to help”, “was there something you needed to tell me”? He asked

“That woman you heard screaming got rid of my body after she killed me”. “My family needs to let go”, “but can’t without any remains.” he said

“Why did she kill you”? He asked

“I slept around a bit”, “but it didn’t give her the right to seduce me and bite off my ring finger”. He responded

“What happened after she bit you”? He asked

“While I was screaming in agony”, “I turned away from her and she stabbed me in the back”. He replied

Blood could be seen running down the back of the wife beater.

“Do you know where your body is”? He asked

“I know my finger remains here”, he finished

The man vanished into thin air.

“Son of a bitch”, the man said aloud. “This is going to be a scavenger hunt”. He finished

The man looked everywhere imaginable in the hotel room. He checked the drawers, he checked the air conditioning unit. He even checked the inside of the Bible.

After saying a prayer to help him find it, the guy who talks to the dead for a living went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked at his reflection and saw how gray his hair had become and how wrinkled his face was. His gift paid a price, but it was his purpose. He turned on the faucet and brushed away. He couldn’t help but notice the stream of water clogging up through the drain. He could see something strange coming from it. So he grabbed the drain device out from the bottom of the sink and saw a finger with a ring on it stuck inside. As he reached down to grab it a woman’s face appeared in the mirror. Her eyes were swollen like they had been beat to a pulp. She also had a fat lip. Her hair was long, black and beautiful.

“You haven’t heard my side of the story”, she said.