Remember those peanut butter and honey sandwiches they gave out to students with no lunch money? It may sound like the right thing to do, but it’s not the good gesture they make it out to be.

I witnessed the horror while standing in line at the cafeteria, which always smelled like a mixture of puke and sour milk. I saw a big silver pot filled with peanut butter. Next to it stood a fat Spanish lunch lady who barely spoke a word of English. She had this big brown mole attached to her left nostril that had the shape and appearance of a chocolate munchkin donut.

She was mixing the peanut butter with her bare hands as sweat dripped down from her face, onto her mole and into the peanut butter concoction. Her hairnet was no match for the frizzy hair, which also made its way into the stew.

The honey container looked abused. I felt bad for the bear. With my incredible sight I could see insects stuck to the bottle as she squeezed it into the peanut butter. The cleanest part of the job had to be the bread . They just took out a couple slices of wonder from the bag and used there hands as a scooper and threw the peanut butter and honey onto it which finished the recipe. From that point they place it into a plastic bag that always seems to be sticky on the outside and ship it off to the poor kids whose parents can’t afford to buy them lunch.