Have you ever noticed sharpie eyes brows? They are the ones that look like someone ran a marker down their forehead just above their eyes. While some pull it off, there are those who cannot. My style was killed that day when I did the unthinkable.

And can you blame me? You grow tired of plucking and exhausted from the pain of ingrown hairs. If you went ungroomed for a week people would call you names like Frida. Now don’t get me wrong. I’d fuck the shit out of Salma Hayek even with her unibrow, but its something woman tend to look down upon.

For all the time I lost in brows, I decided it was time for a change we could believe in. If a woman can pull it off, why can’t we? I tried to pave the way for men across America. It was going to be the next big dew.

I reached for a sharpie in a drawer and than ran to the bathroom. I took off it’s cap and began to sniff at it. I liked the way it made me feel. I looked at the mirror and noticed my baldness and soon to be uni. Next I grabbed my buzzer and shaved it off in one motion because I’m a fucking artist.

It looked abnormal as fuck. I quickly drew in the eyebrows on both sides of my forehead and screamed at the top of my lungs. The neighbors grew concerned with the screaming, so they called the authorities. I was Baker acted that day. They felt like no man in there right mind would try and pull off that look.