It hovered above in the shape of a man. The figure was dark like a shadow. The night light didn’t keep it away. It fed off fear. A popcorn ceiling never looked so terrifying as the imprint of the apparition grew in scale. There were hardly any spots of light left as I could see it closing in on me. Down it came, just inches above my body. I couldn’t scream, I felt trapped and paralyzed. The only movements came from my beating heart and eyelids. A scary picture it paints having control of you. It leaves you with vision, but even if you close your eyes the darkness lingers. The cure for me last night was a prayer. I used one that brings me comfort. Thou I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. I woke up after thinking this. Sleep paralysis is a scary state to be in. Its unknown what causes this phenomenon, but if your under the spell, try saying a prayer. It saved me and it can save you too