A black man with FUBU swim trunks walked along the beach crossing paths with a White guy in board shorts.

“kawabunga dude”, . the white guy said

“Hey”, “what’s happening”?. the black man responded

“So is it true what they say”? The white guy asked

“No”, “its not true”. “I can swim”. The black man responded

“Good one”, “that’s funny”. The white surfer replied

He let out a chuckle

“Keep laughing miracle whip and Ill go apollo creed on your white ass”. The black man responded

“Lighten up brotha”, “I’m just joking around”. The white surfer assured him

“Who you call-in a Brotha”? “White bread”? The black man asked

“Calm down”, “I like Bob Marly”. The white surfer replied

“What the fuck does that got to do with anything”? The black man responded

“Is it true black people don’t get sunburn”? The white guy asked

“Fuck yeah it’s true”. “What kind of question is that”? The black man replied

“A question that many of us did not know the answer to”, “thank you for your time”. The white man told him.

“Wait”, the black man responded

“What is it”? the white guy asked

The black man reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of orange floaties.

“Can you blow these up for me”? The black man responded

“I guess so”, “Why can’t you”? The surfer replied

“Because my lungs don’t have the strength”, the black man told him

“Why not”? The white guy asked

“Too many Newports” the black man finished