I signed over my soul to save my daughter. It was so convincing and made me feel like I didn’t have a choice, but in the end it was my hand that took from it.

It is written. I ignored the voices who cried out to me not to do it. When your child is hungry and in danger, you get desperate. I’m not like Abraham, but maybe if I was, I wouldn’t be stuck in the dark. The worst part of this Hell is not knowing what happened to her after I took the bite.

We owned land with lifeless crops and dying grass in the middle of nowhere. We were down to our last few loafs of bread. I was outside on the patio with my daughter when I saw it. The man in black was holding a briefcase.

“Tammy”, “Why don’t you go inside and cut yourself off a piece of bread”, the father said

“What about you”, she asked

“You needn’t worry”, “I’m not hungry”, he replied

The man in black came walking closer to the house.

“Who’s is that”, “daddy”? She asked

“I don’t know”, “but I want you to get inside” he said firmly

“What a lovely daughter you have”. The man in black said as he was walking towards them.

“But daddy”, she replied

“Damn it Tammy!”, “I’m not going to ask you again”, he shouted

She ran inside.

“Who the hell are you”? He asked

“I’m here to make an offer”, the man in black replied

“Whatever your selling”, ” I can’t afford it”. He responded

“All I’m asking is for a minute of your time”. He replied

“I don’t know who the hell you are or what your doing here “, he told him

” I’m here to help you Tom”, the man in black said

“If you don’t get off my property”, “I’m going to shoot you”. He finished

The man in black dropped his suitcase and put his hands up

“I don’t want any trouble” he responded.

“What’s in the suitcase”? He asked

“The answer to your question” he replied .

“I’m the one asking the questions”, Tom responded

“How are you going to feed your daughter”, “Tommy”? The man in black replied

“That’s enough”! Tom shouted

“How long can those loafs possibly last”? He responded

“DADDY”! Tammy shouted

Tom rushed into the house and saw tears coming from his daughters face

“What’s wrong”? he asked

“The bread”! She shouted

The loaf of bread was covered in ants.

“God Damn It”, “Tammy”! He shouted

He grabbed the bread swarming with fire ants and tried to save what he could as he felt the stinging pain which didn’t compare to the thought of his girl not having any food.

“Jesus Christ”! “Tammy”! “What did you do”? He asked

“I didn’t do anything”, “daddy”! The girl shouted while crying

“You can’t leave this stuff out”! He responded

“I didn’t”! She shouted

“How could this happen”? He asked

His tone came down we he asked that question.

“I’m sorry dad”, she replied

“It’s OK Tammy”, “I’m sorry I yelled”. He said

“What are we going to do”? She asked

“What did your mother always say”? He responded

“Where there’s a will, “there’s a way”, Tammy replied

A loud sound could be heard coming from the outside of the home.

“What was that”?, Tammy asked

“Wait here”, Tom replied

Tom ran outside and saw a tree of life. It’s branches were full of fruit

“Tammy” “get out here”! Tom shouted

Tammy ran outside of the house and was in awe.

“Oh my gosh”, “daddy”, “look at all the fruit”, she said

“it’s a miracle”. Tom shouted.

The man in black was crouched on the ground reaching into an open briefcase, which was overflowing with seeds. He grabbed a handful of them and walked over to Tom and Tammy.

“You could have a forest of fruits if you wanted”. The man in black said

“Are you an Angel”? Tammy asked

The ground started to shake and the man in black lost his balance and fell. Several Trees began sprouting from the dirt as life rose in front of them. Tom and Tammy looked amongst each other in amazement, as there house was surrounded by trees. Once the trimmers came to a stop they rushed to help out the man in black.

“Are you OK”? they asked

“Yes”, “I’m ok”, the man in black replied

“What’s your name”,? She asked

” My name is Lucy” he responded.

“That’s a girls name”, Tammy said while laughing.

“It’s just a nick name”, Lucy replied

” Tammy go inside and get Lucy some water”, “please”… Tom said

“Yes papa”, she replied

“That was a nasty fall” he said

Tom helped Lucy get up.

“You don’t know the half of it”, Lucy replied.

“So what do I owe you”? Tom asked.

“Your soul”, Lucy replied.

Tom started to laugh.

“You know it might be worth it”, Tom replied

“I’m glad you feel that way”, Lucy responded

“So where’s do I sign up?” Tom asked

” All you have to do is take a bite of the apple I give you”. He replied

“Your a catch Lucy, I’m dying to taste one” he said.

Lucy walked up to the tree of life and grabbed an apple and offered it to Tom.

“DON’T DO IT!” a voice from above said

“Did you hear that”? Tom asked

“Those are hallucinations caused by starvation”. Lucy replied

“Where were you from again? Tom asked

“Look”, “I don’t have time to get into it”. “I’ve got other places to be”. “Just take the bite and your kid will never go hungry again”. Lucy replied

“I don’t think I want to anymore”, Tom responded

“I’m not going to beat around the bush”. “You can eat the apple or watch your daughter die”. Lucy finished

“What did you say mother fucker”? Tom asked

“What kind of father can’t feed their own child anyway “. “You should be ashamed of yourself”, Lucy said

Tom took out his gun as Lucy continued to taunt him

“I know your dead wife is” he finished

Tammy opened the door with a glass of water and A loud gun shot went off as Tammy lost her grip and the glass shattered.

“Oh my god!” “She shouted

“Tammy”, “Get back inside and stay there”!. Tom yelled

A bullet went thru Lucy’s head. He had fallen to the ground. Tom walked over to his body which had a major wound in its face. He couldn’t help but notice the tight grip his hand had over the apple. Lucy had opened his eyes

“Thanks for making my job easier” Lucy said.

“What the fuck are you”? He asked

“I’ll give you a hint” Lucy said

The trees surrounding the house began to catch fire.

“Tammy”! “Get out of the house”! Tom shouted

Tom screamed at the top of his lungs as he heard a banging come from the door.

“Daddy!”, “I can’t get out!” She screamed

” You know what they say Tom”, “where there’s smoke”, “there’s fire”. Lucy said

Smoke started fuming into the home as Tom ran over and tried with all his mite to get the door open. There was a supernatural force making it an impossibility.

“Tammy”! Tom yelled

“Daddy”! “Help”! She screamed

He could hear his daughter coughing.

“God damn you!”, “Let my daughter out”!. Tom shouted

Lucy’s body rose from the ground as he levitated over to Tom with an apple in his hand

“Take it”. The devil said

Tom took the apple and the smoke came to a halt and the trees were no longer on fire.

“Baby”, “are you OK”? Tom asked

“Yes”, “dad”. She said

“Just take a bite and your daughter shall live” the devil finished

Don’t do it daddy, I heard God’s voice, it’s a trap. She pleaded

“I have to baby”, “I’ve lost your mother and I’m not going to lose you too”. Tom said

“Daddy”, “NO”! She screamed

“I love you Tammy” Tom finished.