There’s lots of dead air. Those in between moments when the system is loading or you put in notes for the customer.

“Can you hold for just a moment while I notate the account for you, Sir”? I asked

“Sure”, the customer responded.

I didn’t feel like talking to him. There weren’t any notes added to the account. I just typed the tips of the keyboard to make it sound like I was doing something.
The son of a bitch called me a dumb mother fucker a couple of minutes ago, while his wife was screaming in the background to get the power back. I’ll  let them wait a little before I turn it back on for them.

Late on their payment and it’s my fucking problem. While taking sometime to calm down the panic attack triggered by prick and cunt, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

“Can you believe a bird shit on my car again”, he said.

“Your kidding”, “didn’t you just wash it”? She replied

“Yeah”, “I saw this pink shit stain all over my Windshield”. “I didn’t even know they shat that color” he told her

“Maybe it’s the humming bird juice” she finished.

I had enough of their conversation.

“Hello” “Are you there”? I asked

“Yes”, “I’m here”. He replied

“I’m sorry sir”, “I can’t hear you” I told him after hearing his every word.

“IM HERE”! The customer screamed

“Your cutting out sir”, “I still can’t hear you”. I responded

I decided not to turn on their power.

“DON’T HANG UP ON ME”! He shouted