Somewhere at a hospital in Boston lays a patient in a room who just got out of surgery for constipation issues. The man claims to have broken wind and asks his nurse about it.

“I faated 3 times since sargery”, “is that naarmal”? He asked

“Yeah”,” that can happen”. The nurse replied

“When will i be able to shat again”? The patient asked

“The doctor didn’t tell you “? The nurse responded

“Tell me waat ” the patient said

“Your full of shit”. The nurse told him


“Oh gaad”, “did you hear that one”?… The patient said

It took a second for the nurses comments to register because some from boston are slow and get distracted when it comes to farting. Just give it a sec.

“Wait, wat? He continued

“Your full of shit” ,”sir”,” its a condition”. The nurse replied

“Wats it mean”,” doc”? The patient asked

“It means your going to pop”. The nurse replied

“How much time do I have left”? The patient asked

“A toot”, “maybe more”. The nurse responded

“What caused this “? The patient wondered

“Your records says you were born in Boston”. The nurse explained

“Is there something that can be done”? The patient asked

“That depends”. The nurse replied

On wat? Asked the patient

“How many gases did you pass”? Asked the nurse

“Foe” the patient replied

“Im sorry sir”,” can you speak to me like a human being”, “pretend your not in Boston please” . The nurse said

“I said four”. Said the patient

“You didn’t fart four times”, “sir”, we have that monitored”. The nurse told him

“How do you know it wasn’t silent.” the patient asked

“We can tell from the vibrations”. The nurse assured him

“All right”, “ya got me”. The patient admitted

“Its really important not to fabricate the amount passed”.
The nurse said firmly

“Im not really going to pop am i”? The patient asked

“No sir.” “Its just important we gather all the accurate information that way we can help you pass that bowel”. The nurse replied

“You know”, “you seem like your all right”. “People gotta say things abat ya like yar narmal to be around”. “Yar the type of nurse id want my daughter to fuck”. “Your what they call a “bostonfella”.
The patient told him

“Thanks, you too. The nurse replied

“Well than i guess its Bostonfellas”, “it sounds better plural”. “Can i ask ya one mar thing”? The patient asked

“What’s that” . The nurse responded

“Why do you tak like such a pussy”? The patient had the last word