Its cold and dark. The playground is overgrown with weeds. A bench is where i sit waiting out my punishment. An empty seesaw covered in mold sits still cut in half. The swing is a broken chain that hangs lifelss. A slide covered in rust reaches down from the heavens. My clothes have no warmth, for every lean against the metal feels like ice against my back. I gasp for air from the pain it causes. As bad as it is here, there are places that are worse. Not far from where I sit is the slides new ending, which goes into a deep dark hole that could go on forever. It wasn’t A bottomless pit when I arrived. I landed in what felt like a grave but got out before it crumbled and expanded below me. I can see smoke coming from it but cannot feel the heat. I heard a noise of thunder and shook with fear as I heard screams coming from the pit. Rain began to poor as I saw what looked like a mangled being crawling out of the darkness. It looked like a dead woman whose hair was covered in blood. She had a green look to her face like she was a wicked witch. It began to speak and tried to convince me to follow her, but I refused. It continued to tempt me with promises of comfort and joy, but I rejected it. I couldnt understand it’s language anymore. It was speaking in tongues and began to growl at me dark low and loud. I prayed to the heavens and the monster came crawling out of the depths of hell like a spider. In seconds it took a hold of me and dragged me by the leg back on it’s way to the void. I yelled asking God for help and I heard a loud train. Winds began to form and the monster let out a cry of defeat before a beautiful golden mansion landed on top of it and sealed off hells entrance forever. It’s warm and bright.