Inside his barn was a homeless man with a baggy jacket sleeping in the dirt. He used orange peels for padding like a pillow. There was a couple bags he was holding onto. One with his left hand and one with his right. The farmer had a shotgun aimed at the hobos body when he yelled

“Wake Up”! He shouted

The homeless man woke up with a barrel pressed against his chest. He remained calm and pleaded

“Please”, “don’t shoot”. The hobo replied

What’s in the bags? The farmer asked.

“It’s food”, “I’m starving”, he insisted.

“It doesn’t smell like it. The farmer said

The farmer took in the scent with his nostrails and took his gun off the man and aimed it to the bag on the left

“Open it” he said.

The homeless man opened up the bag and all the farmer could see were oranges.

“I’m sorry”, “I’m so hungry” the hobo replied

The farmer took the shotgun and aimed it at the right bag and insuaited for him to open it. He didn’t have to say anything.

The homeless man opened up the bag to the right and all the farmer could see were the orange peels. The farmer stepped back away from the man and gave him some space and lowered his gun.

“Look buddy”, “I’m sorry”. The farmer said. “You can’t stay here”, “I’ve got a family and I know nothing about you”. He finished

“I understand” “I’ll be out of your hair” the hobo replied.

“Go ahead though and take the oranges”. The farmer responded

“God bless you” the hobo said

“In fact if you want”, “I can get you some more”. The farmer insisted

“No thanks, “I have more than enough”, the hobo responded.

“Are you sure”, “it’s no trouble”. The farmer assured him

” I really must be going” the hobo finished.

“All right”, the farmer said.

The homeless man wabbled a bit when he got up as the farmer watched him from a distance. The hobo gave the farmer a final wave and the farmer gave the hobo a friendly nod before his departure. The hobos back was facing the farmer as he made his way towards the exit only he didn’t make it for more than a few steps before the farmer shot his brains out. As he fell the farmer heard a tap of some sort. He walked up towards the body and found bottles of moonshine in both of his bags and jacket. He used the peels as a disguise to cover the hooch he stole from the farmer. There is gore everywhere. Those bloody orange peels will be burnt into the farmers retina forever.