The weather was comfortable that evening. A husband and wife were outside on the patio playing Monopoly.

“It’s your role”, he told his wife.

She rolled a four. The first die A one and the second die a three, no doubles and out of nowhere she began to breakdown

“You know how much I love you baby”, She said.

He could see tears rolling down her face.

“I love you too honey”, “what’s wrong?” He asked

“I want you to remember me and the good times we had together”. She said

“I’ve cherished every moment”, “what’s on your mind?” He replied

“Ive got dementia” she told him.

“I’m so sorry.” He said

“You’ve got to promise me something”, she demanded

“What?”, He asked.

“When I start to lose it”, “I want you to put me out of my misery” She said.

“How on Earth could I do that”, “your my angel” He told her.

“If you don’t”, “I will” she responded

“Your breaking my heart”, he said.

“We’ve had a wonderful life”. “I don’t want to live like that”, “you understand”. She finished

She grabbed her Monopoly piece with her left hand and moved it from space to space exposing a scar from a slit she made previously to her wrist. The husband couldn’t look away from it.

“Oh boy”, “waterworks!” She shouted . “That’s my favorite”. Her mood lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

She bought the property and the husband picked up the dice and started to choke up holding back the tears as his wife grabbed his hand with her right to stop him from rolling.

“What are you doing”, “it’s my turn” she said.

The husband couldn’t turn away from the slits on her other wrist.

“I’m sorry baby”, “go ahead”, “I’ll be right back.” He told her

“Where are you going?”, she asked.

“I’ve got to use the restroom”, he said.

‘I’m getting pretty tired”, she responded.

“As soon as I get back”, “I’ll help you pick up the pieces”, he said.

“No need”, she responded. “I know where they go.”