These cajuns are cramping my style. The Crawfish head I just sucked tasted like an unwashed vag. If I wanted a soapless flower I would have gone to bourben street. Everyone around this food festival keeps complaining about a no pass interference call at the game last Sunday, but I don’t care because that no call won me a lot of money. I had a bookie tell me that I would be cursed for betting against the saints. Some black chick with dread locks keeps staring at me with her Voodoo Vibrations. She looks like a doped up version of Whoopie Goldberg. She had a colorful cake nearby and to my suprise offered me a piece.

“You want some king cake”? She asked

“Sure”, I replied.

Anything to get the fowl taste out of my mouth and I must admit it looked pretty fucking scrumptious. And it was, I devoured the cake in record pace. The Color purple was nice enough to offer me another slice

“Would you like some more”? She asked

“That would be great” I responded

So much for a fucking curse. I’m having the best cake of my life and can’t put it down. The flavors are so blissful and orgasamatic, except for this piece of plastic thats all of a sudden stuck in my throat, ughhh I cant breath, I can’t think, trying to call out for help but can’t speak.

The voodoo lady gave the prick himelick manuer and a plastic baby came flying out of his mouth. The man met his demise as he fell face first onto the concrete. A fat bulge could be seen coming out from his left buttcheek. It was a crease made from his fat wallet. The woman grabbed his wallet and ran towards something. She found the plastic baby that was spit out a few feet ahead which meant that good luck would be coming her way. She found herself to be very fortunate with all the dope she bought.