I hear something below me. The growls come from beneath the matress. They teach practices here to undermine them. Think happy thoughts some suggest. Others offer a nice breathing exercise. The Dr suggest a fucking pill and if that doesn’t work she’ll be sure to take you to a room and put this electrical device over your head that will remind you of headphones, only it won’t reach down to your ears, she’ll position them against your left and right temples and turn on a switch that will make you yell in agony. She claims it’s suppose to help with hallucinations and that’s all fine and dandy, only My bed is starting to shake again. I am trembling with fear. My white sheets are covered in sweat. I’m so terrified and worried. Nurse Jackey visited me earlier to remind me to stay positive. Nurse Becky was kind enough to meditate with me. I even had Dr Brinner give me a dose of happiness, only that’s waring off. The grunts from below are getting louder and Nurse Sanders is getting ready to check on me. Too bloody hands have crawled up my bed and have grasped onto my legs. I began to scream and the door swung open