It was so bright and shiny. I could see the suns reflection. Bye ole golly, its a quarter. Only it’s on tales. I really shouldn’t pick it up in the middle of a intersection, but it’s tempting. I walked passed it and heard a screech. I looked back and heard it coming from the quarter. It was chirping and alive. It even spoke to me.

“Do you have any sunscreen”? The quarter asked

” I don’t. I replied

” My heads on fire”. “Can you take me with you”? It asked

“I can’t”. I replied

“Why not”? It asked

“Because your the backside of a quarter”. I insisted

“What’s that supposed to mean”? It responded

“Your bad luck”. I replied

“What’s with the discrimination”? It wondered

“What do you mean” I asked

“This is the home of the free”, right? It said

“Yeah” I replied

“Well I should have equal rights too”. “I may not be George Washington but that’s no reason to pass me up”. “I’m worth just as much if you lift me from this side”. It insisted

“I don’t know”. I responded

“Im worth even more”, “I’m a talking quarter”, “you’ll be rich”. It assured me.

I contemplated picking up the quarter as it continued to make it’s case.

“Wow”, “Those are some nice Nikes. “Think of all pairs you can by when your wealthy”. “Come on, pick me up, just do it”. It said

I bent down and picked up the quarter and heard George Washington scream NO followed by a horn