The office consisted of more of the same. There were desk that had computers and phones. Underneath them were seats and that’s all anyone ever cared about. If you were lucky enough to work mornings you had a shot of getting a good one, and if you did you better hold on to it. By the time mid shift comes thru they’ll be rolling them away from your desk, because a majority of them are sitting on broken ones. It got to a point where there was an island of misfit chairs right center in the smack of the work place. Most attacks took place during your lunch hour and there wasn’t anything you could do about it. Go eat your food, take your shit and hope it’s waiting for you when you get back. After I ate my lunch and took my shit, A woman ran past me as I exited the mens room. Her scent was off and carried over. As I looked back in disgust she had already made her way to the woman’s lew. By the time I got back to my desk, my seat was gone. I had no choice but to pick from the pile and to my surprise it looked like there was a diamond in the rough. There was a chair that stood apart from the rest. It had a squishy cushion for its back and bottom and a light grey colored cloth covering both ends. I grabbed the chair and noticed a stain from where someone sat on it previosuly. It was period blood which had an off scent and carried over