I got the coffee maker down from my shelf in the kitchen and went through the process. First I Grabbed a filter and put a few scoops of Folgers in. Next I poured 6 cups of water into the back of the machine and plugged the power chord into the wall and pressed the on button. If you pressed the button to the right, the device would turn on and if you pressed it to the left, it would turn off. It even had a bright orange light when powered on. I’d pace around my house while waiting. Every time I make a cup of joe I think of her. I miss her so much. She went for coffee in heaven and had to stay. It’s been so long since my grandma left but I still feel the pain from it. I should be happy for her. She’s in a better place . After she passed, I felt her presence. I felt like I could smell her around me. I didn’t have tobacco products in my home, but smelled them. Red man had a very particular smell and so did butterscotch. These were things my grandmother loved. I’d be in the middle of watching TV and these scents would come out of the blue. It’s been a long time since anything’s happened. The machine sounds like its done brewing. You know that noise I’m talking about. I walked back into the kitchen and the orange light was off and the power chord was unplugged