I clean up after people and it’s not always pretty, but there’s more to what I do here. You probably wonder what happened to that cell phone you rested on the metal rooftop toilet paper dispenser when you had to wipe your ass. You go about your day until you realize that you’ve lost something. You retrace your steps and remember where you left it. When you come back to the scene of the crime you notice it’s missing. You start to question if you ever left it here to begin with. Maybe I left it at home you’ll think or perhaps it’s in my car. After looking everywhere your left with one more option. Lost and found. Your last chance of hope. If it’s not there you might as well call off the search party, because they ain’t recovering shit. Did I tell you I’m in charge of that department. There’s a reason you won’t find your prescious metals or your fancy phone’s. Maybe one day you’ll learn to wipe your piss off my toilet seats.